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Shower enclosures with special profiles and contract solutions

Profilo doccia in Acciaio Inox con sagomatura speciale in diagonale

Calibe’s customisation and engineering expertise together with its industrial capacity means that it can also produce “one-off” solutions.

One-off solutions that may be necessary to meet specific needs: unusual architectural configurations and, above all unique functional and stylistic requirements, especially for the contract sector. Calibe can offer bespoke projects specifically designed to meet the customer’s needs and to produce batches of shower enclosures to suit the design choices of a hotel or hotel chain, a cruise ship, a villa or for pleasure craft such as yachts and motor yachts.

Cabine doccia su misura

If you would like to submit your project and find out about our references in the contract sector, please contact our technical department and together we will give value to your request.


All our custom projects confirm and enhance the features that make our shower enclosures unique: elegance and durability first and foremost, but also reliability and sustainability. Values that come from the choice of quality materials, starting with stainless steel, and from our attention to detail.

At Calibe, there is no shower enclosure that is not custom-made. Through our bespoke approach, we create shower enclosures that are truly unique, made to suit the customer's requirements and the specific characteristics of their bathroom. In terms of both style and functionality, these requirements are typically met by the models in our collections. Large or small bathrooms, wide or narrow niches, configurations with or without walls: there is always one or more Calibe shower enclosure to suit every situation. Maximum freedom in size selection and the ability to guarantee customised machining can solve even complex situations, including those with out-of-plumb walls and non-planar shower trays.