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Calibe customisation: much more than a shower, a unique item

Profilo doccia in Acciaio Inox con sagomatura speciale in diagonale

Each Calibe shower enclosure offers numerous customisation options through the combination of glass, PVD finishes and accessories. And with special profiles in batches of 1, each shower enclosure is truly unique.

Endless possibilities

Eight different glass combinations, eight different stainless steel finishes (polished, brushed and six PVD) and other customisation options (from installation to opening, from glass height or width to hooks and handles) make each of our shower enclosures truly unique. As well as customising the size and aesthetics of the glass and the colours of the finishes, we can do even more.

Cabine doccia con progetti su misura

Explore all of our shower enclosures and discover the many customisation options available for each.


Ad hoc solutions: Special (and unique) profiles to meet every need

Thanks to our experience and the technology we use, we are able to produce special section profiles in “production batches of 1”: we can produce even a single profile with the section our customers require. A dedicated and specific production variant, which would not be possible with aluminium. This is (also) why we chose stainless steel.

The special profile is truly unique, with the section requested by our customers for specific architectural needs and to solve problems due to sloping walls, out of plumb walls, unevenness, steps etc. This is also possible thanks to the characteristics of stainless steel , which we have chosen as the only metal for our profiles precisely because of its great customisation possibilities and for its physical characteristics applied to specific technologies.

In addition, we are able to create, design and manufacture special custom fasteners (special section) in situations where we cannot use standard fasteners to secure the enclosure profiles to the wall.