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The part you need, delivered straight to your door


We have all spare parts for the entire Calibe range in stock for immediate delivery.

Tell us what you need and we'll take care of the rest

We have designed each of our shower enclosures to stay like new forever, combining beauty and functionality with durability over time. The great care we take in the design, combined with the pre-assembly of each enclosure, makes the installer’s job easier and reduces the need for post-installation interventions.

However, if you do need a spare part for your shower enclosure, we can meet your needs immediately because we have enough spare parts in stock for each collection and product, and we keep them for longer than the statutory period.

In addition to spare parts, we also keep production records of all enclosures manufactured since 2001. The production records contain all the information that has been used to produce a specific enclosure, from the quotation to the order, to the details of the delivery and any after-sales work or modifications.

Contact our Customer Service department straight away for assistance or replacement parts.

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