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Italian technology and aesthetics

Il valore delle cabine doccia Calibe: cura del dettaglio e precisione tecnica

Forms, materials and solutions that express the ingenuity and creativity of a typical Italian supply chain.

Made in Italy expressed in a shower enclosure

Each of our collections is characterised by technological intuition or an aesthetic solution, or a combination of the two. Our goal is to respond to new needs and satisfy new lifestyles: That is why in every Calibe shower enclosure style, ingenuity and creativity come together to express the best of Made in Italy. An unmistakable design that is never an end in itself: Beauty merges with functionality and durability.

The transparent solidity of tempered glass combined with the elegance and strength of stainless steel gives our shower enclosures the verve of contemporary architecture, and the millimetre-customisable shapes fit perfectly anywhere, even in the most complex spaces.

Trasparenza Calibe, cabina doccia di design in Acciaio Inox

We have expressed Made in Italy design and quality in all our collections, combining style, inventiveness and creativity.


The constant search for innovation is also reflected in a series of international patents: these include Arbatax Move, for electronic-opening shower enclosures inspired by home automation, and Leak Free ©, which facilitates cleaning and hygiene by eliminating any point of contact between the shower tray and the enclosure.

These are concrete examples of how creativity can be combined with ingenuity.