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Calibe shower enclosures: Crystal clear quality, stainless value

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Starting from the decision to adopt Stainless Steel as the exclusive metal for the production of its shower cabins, Calibe's approach is dedicated to the search for the best solutions, which guarantee a significant added value, rather than the most obvious ones.

The choices that make a difference: distinctive features and key benefits

Calibe offers its customers superior products and a value experience - a value that lasts. Calibe's mission is to provide customers with immediate and long-term benefits: Elegance and durability to start with, but also reliability and sustainability. Browse our values map to find out more.

The new forever shower enclosure

Calibe’s experience, constant research into the technologies and materials used, passion for design and focus on ergonomics all come together in an exclusive range of shower enclosures that can be found in the best bathroom and interior design showrooms. Before making a purchase, our customers can benefit from the advice and knowledge of qualified sales staff. Anyone who chooses to buy a Calibe shower enclosure will probably never need to call for service, because our shower enclosures are designed to be "new forever": they arrive pre-assembled (rather than in an assembly kit with the components to be fitted) as an additional quality assurance. In any case, spare parts management and all types of support are guaranteed by the dealers and technical support centres, whom you can also contact to arrange for measurements to be taken and installation.

Solutions for business customers and interior designers

Calibe also offers excellent solutions for the hospitality, marine, large cruise ship and shipbuilding markets and can manage the production of large quantities of custom shower enclosures for contract applications.


Calibe shower enclosures also offer benefits to interior designers and architects: the essential style and distinctive character of the stainless steel shower enclosures adapt to the latest trends in bathroom furnishings and interior design in general, and offer numerous possibilities for customisation. The durability of the products also ensures greater satisfaction for customers, as they will recognise how a Calibe shower enclosure can add value to the bathroom environment.