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Your shower enclosure travels safely

Imballaggi su misura per cabine doccia Calibe

The packaging we use to ship our shower enclosures perfectly protects every part and detail.

Tailor-made packaging, just like your Calibe shower enclosure

Once you've chosen the shower enclosure that best suits your needs, your style and your bathroom decor, personalised down to the last detail, you don't need to worry about anything else. We'll take care of everything, starting with the transport of your custom-made shower enclosure.

**We apply the same craftsmanship to the packaging of each of our shower enclosures as we do to the design and construction of the enclosures **themselves, with a range of packaging measures to ensure that the enclosures ship safely.

In addition, each pack is 100% recyclable and is the right size because it is specifically designed to fit the dimensions and characteristics of the shower enclosure it protects.

There is also a real advantage for the installer who, thanks to pre-assembly before delivery, can complete the installation of your enclosure in less time than usual. In fact, the components of each shower enclosure are already pre-assembled, which not only makes the installer’s job easier, but also reduces the time required and significantly reduces (and almost eliminates) the possibility of errors during installation.

Facilità di installazione cabine doccia Calibe

See how the installation process works (it's much easier than you think).