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Your new shower enclosure has never been easier

Profilo in Acciaio Inox e cristallo ad alto spessore

Calibe shower enclosures are quick to install, thanks to our pre-assembly of components.

Time savings and no possibility of error

In addition to the properties of stainless steel and the many customisation options – from the glass to the finishes, from the height and width to the type of opening – another feature that sets Calibe shower enclosures apart is their ease of installation.

Why are Calibe shower enclosures easy to install? Because everything is designed and manufactured down to the smallest detail and the components of each shower enclosure are already pre-assembled. This makes the installer’s job easier, not only by reducing the time required, but also by significantly reducing (and almost eliminating) the possibility of errors during installation.

Le cabine doccia Calibe non sono consegnate in kit di montaggio, ma pre-assemblate


We recommend that only qualified installers carry out the work. And if you need help, you can always contact Customer Services.

Minuteria e componenti della cabina doccia

Detailed installation instructions for each Calibe collection are available in the download section.