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Our support network is here to help

Prodotti di qualità, cura dei dettagli e assistenza ai clienti

We respond as quickly as possible to all enquires both from customers and trade professionals.

We are committed to keeping your shower enclosure like new forever

Calibe shower enclosures are designed to stay new forever, combining beauty and functionality with durability. This is thanks to our experience, the properties of the materials we choose (only stainless steel and tempered glass) and the pre-assembled delivery of each shower enclosure, which makes it easy to install.

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your Calibe shower enclosure, just follow our simple tips.

At Calibe, we are always ready to provide detailed information and assistance to our customers before and after the sale, and to all the professionals involved, from designers to architects and installers. In fact, over the years we have built up and consolidated a reliable national network of after-sales service and technical support, in order to respond as quickly as possible to all requests.