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Design and innovation: Our new forever shower enclosures

Cabine doccia Calibe - Design e innovazione

For over forty years, we have been combining Italian design and innovation to create shower enclosures that stand out for their quality, style and durability.

Water, glass and steel

Founded in 2000 on the outskirts of Bologna, Calibe’s production approach takes root and develops in an area where invention serves Italian ingenuity. A creativity that we have incorporated into our DNA, combining the value of Made in Italy design with the search for innovative solutions.

The results of our work are shower enclosures with an unmistakable and distinctive style, made from stainless steel and tempered glass – high quality materials ensuring that each enclosure always looks new. We chose stainless steel because it is highly resistant to corrosion from water and the minerals it contains, as well as commonly used cleaning products.

Cabine doccia Calibe - Dettaglio capitello Alidos

Calibe's innovative design and solutions combine to create stylish and durable shower enclosures.


Continuous evolution By working innovatively, we have always been able to stay ahead of the curve and offer our customers, dealers and installers products that meet their needs. Our flexibility allows us both to carry out large orders for complete contract projects (from measurement to installation), and to design individual models tailored to homes and private spaces, creating unique pieces each time.

In line with the innovation demanded by the market, the technologies we use in our production lines and the technical solutions we develop are always at the forefront. One example is the integrated-handle closure mechanism of the Iradas, Janas and Araxis collections, or the Leak-Free© system, a unique international patent in the bathroom furniture sector. Leak-Free©, available for our Silanus and Luna collections, eliminates any contact between the shower tray and the enclosure. They remain separate, preventing the build-up of mould, bacteria, dirt and limescale, even in the most difficult to clean corners. This allows us to guarantee the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene.

These are just two stages in a continuous path of progress, a thread of innovation and creativity that runs through our entire history.

2000 – Calibe is founded together with the Leak-Free© patent, which eliminates any contact between the shower tray and the enclosure, guaranteeing the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene.

2003 – Calibe introduces the “cost range” price list: shower enclosures are made to measure to the centimetre, at no extra cost. As the level of customisation of our shower enclosures increases, there is no corresponding increase in price.

2008 – We move to our new 5000 square metre production plant in Monteveglio. This is where another of our technological innovations came to life. The Arbatax Move system, with electronic opening and closing, available as an option on the Arbatax collection shower enclosures.

2022 –** A state-of-the-art hybrid stainless steel press brake is added to the machinery** installed in our production lines, allowing us to produce thin and elegant profiles, free from scratches and imperfections.